We manufacture a wide array of Centrifugal Air Blowers in all forms and designs. Fabricated using premium quality material, these blowers can be used in a variety of applications. We supply SISW, DIDW and Multistage Blowers with capacities varying from few hundred M3/Hr to 300000 M3/Hr. We offer multistage blowers for pressure beyond 1200mmwg. For pressure requirements upto 1200 mmwg, single stage blowers are used. For handling corrosive fumes, customers can avail FRP and rubber tined blowers manufactured by us. 

These blowers come in various orientations depending upon the discharge direction and the inlet.

Forward-curved blades

Forward-curved blades, as in Figure, use blades that curve in the direction of the fan wheel’s rotation. These are especially sensitive to particulates. Forward-curved blades are for high flow, low pressure applications.

Backward-curved blades

Backward-curved blades, as in Figure, use blades that curve against the direction of the fan wheel’s rotation. The backward curvature mimics that of an airfoil cross section and provides good operating efficiency with relatively economical construction techniques. These types of fan wheels are used in fans designed to handle gas streams with low to moderate particulate loadings. They can be easily fitted with wear protection but certain blade curvatures can be prone to solids build-up.

Backward curved fans can have a high range of specific speeds but are most often used for medium specific speed applications—high pressure, medium flow applications.

Backward-curved fans are much more energy efficient than radial blade fans and so, for high power applications may be a suitable alternative to the lower cost radial bladed fan.

Backward Curved – Radial Tipped Blades

These fan blades are useful for handling air with little dust concentrations and the blades have self cleaning charaterstics and commonly used for any kind of dust extraction system incorporating low efficiency dust collectors such as cyclones. The efficiency of the fan is lower than purely backward curved blades but more than straight radial bladed fans which are required in case of high dust concentration

Straight radial blades

Radial fan blades, as in Figure, extend straight out from the hub. A radial blade fan wheel is often used on particulate-laden gas streams because it is the least sensitive to solids build-up on the blades, but it is often characterized by greater noise output. High speeds, low volumes, and high pressures are common with radial fans, and are often used in vacuum cleaners, pneumatic material conveying systems, and similar processes.

We manufacture Centrifugal Blower that is widely acknowledged for sturdy construction, excellent strength, durability and easy maintenance.


Three types of Drive arrangements are provided:


The impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft. This arrangement is convenient when the speed of the blower corresponds to the rated motor speed. The motors to be used are horizontal foot mounted type, suitable for blowers up to size 60. The maximum temperature permissible for this arrangement is 100 Deg. C. 


The impeller is mounted on a shaft supported by two Ball/roller bearings enclosed in a plummer block housing, placed on a pedestal. This arrangement is preferred where the motor speed does not permit direct drive or for a desired speed of the impeller. The shaft is extended on one side to receive a pulley. Blowers of size 70 and above are supplied with split type housing. The maximum permissible temperature is normally 100 Deg. C., but with cooling disc, this arrangement can handle 380 Deg. C. 


The arrangement is a combination of both Arrangement-Y and Arrangement-X. Here the blower is supplied with an extended pedestal to accommodate both the bearing assembly unit and the AC motor. The wheel is mounted on a shaft supported by bearings on one side, and coupled directly to the AC motors through a suitable coupling. This arrangement is suitable when the blower is required to run at rated speed and at the same time keeping the motor away from the air stream. Inspection/ maintenance of the motor is easy in this arrangement.