Customers can avail from us a high quality range of Cyclones & Multiclones manufactured using premium quality raw material. These products are used for effective removal of dust particles from the stream of air. High efficiency Cyclones are fabricated using computer simulated designs. Additionally, some of the Cyclones are equipped with a Vortex Breaker Vessel, which aid in increasing their efficiency multifold. We also provide high efficiency Multiclone systems, which have cast iron cyclone tubes enclosed in a mild steel chamber. These products are specially preferred for removal of dust particles from comparatively hot gas streams. 

HGUC Unit Dust Collector

HGUC is a cyclone type unit dust collector in which the separation of dust takes place due to inertia. For particles of SIZE 10 microns and above,HGUC has high efficiency.

These units are self-contained and consist of a Centrifugal fan with motor, dust separating cyclone and dust receptacle. Compact dimensions and easy installation are its advantages.

HGUC units are more useful, especially, where dust generating sources are spread far apart and the central system may become expensive.

Application: Polishing, Grinding, Buffing and similar operations