H&G introduces Turbovents, zero electrical power consumption Ventilaitor (exhaust fan). The turbine shaped Turbovent fan is a vertical mounted uit on the top of the roof of closed/ covered area/ space from where the unwanted hot air/ gases and fumes are evacuated continuously and round the clock without any extra effort or expenses incurred on use of costly electricity, which is there in the case of motor driven industrial exhaust fans. 

The normal environment of any workplace, factory, process house shed, kitchens, in hotels, boiler houses, workshops etc demands good ventilation for healthy atmosphere. Turbovents work efficiently within the normal available parameters of temerpature, pressure and height of roof in most of the locations needing ventilation of polluted air. 

Principal of Operation

As the air is heated or is warm it becomes lighter and tends to move upwards. If it is made to escape from a single or multiple narrow openings from the top, hot air will escape at a faster pace causing a natural draft to exist at the opening. This draft is made use by Turbovents to self-drive the turbine causing the exhaust gases to be expelled at a faster rate.

The rate of expulsion of gases is directly proportional to:

  • Temperature of exhaust gases
  • Pressure within the room and flow of the Atmospheric air outside
  • Height of the roof of the room


  • Turbovents is cost effective as it consumes no power.
  • It is light in weight, noiseless and environment friendly.
  • In the long run Turbovent definitely adds to your profits.
  • It’s payback period is extremely low
  • It is fully protected against corrosion
  • Once fitted it has trouble free long working life with practically no maintenance.