Blowers and Fans

We are prominent manufacturer, supplier and trader of Industrial Air Blowers such as Air Blowers, Hot Air Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Industrial Fan such as Axial Flow Fans, Combustion Fans, Tunnel Ventilation Fans etc.

Dust Collectors and Scrubbers

We are offering Industrial Filters like Bag Filters, Automatic Oil Viscous Air Filters, Bag Filters-Dust Scrubbers-Cyclones-Multiclones etc. for air pollution control system applied in various industries.

Air Washer

We are exporting and supplying Air Washers in double skin configurations and single skin configurations using cellulose pads, water recirculation system, pre-filters and fans.

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Powerless Roof Turbo Vents

H&G introduces Turbovents, zero electrical power consumption Ventilaitor (exhaust fan). The turbine shaped Turbovent fan is a vertical mounted uit on the top of the roof of closed/ covered area/ space from where the unwanted hot air/ gases and fumes are evacuated continuously.

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