We are supplying high pressure two stage Tunnel Ventilation Fans. The tunnel ventilation fans consists of axial flow impellers and can deliver large air quantities and high pressures. The tunnel ventilation systems consists of either a single impeller or two impellers having a varied blade width. These fans are sutiable for reversible rotation which makes them ideal for ventilating the tunnels and mines.

An BTTA is a high pressure fan comprising of two impellers with different number of baldes connected in series and rotating in opposite directions. Each impeller is driven by a direct-coupled motor. The axial flow fan type BTTA has a wide range of applications and had proved especially suitable for ventilation pf mines, tunnels etc. where it can be directly fitted into the ventilation duct. It is further important to note that this fan is reversible and therefore it can be used both as supply and exhaust fan. 

These fans have been designed to meet demands for high air pressure and at the same time having compact, overall dimensions. The fan has two axial flow impellers operatingin series. Each impeller is of Aluminum alloy construction and driect driven by its own TEFC Motor. 

These fans are provided with hooks for easy mounting, and they can be placed directly in a duct or at the outlet.